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Getting Started

Welcome to Beavr! Beavr is a visual coding tool that helps you build React and React Native apps with ease. Let's get started. We take pride in great documentation and our docs cover navigating, using and troubleshooting Beavr so you can make the most of it.


Beavr requires the following:

  • A system with a compatible browser
  • A stable internet connection

Since Beavr is a cloud-based tool, it does not require any space on your physical hard drive. All you projects are stored on the cloud and associated with your account so you can access them from anywhere.

Compatible browsers: All Chromium-based browsers. Beavr is currently not supported on Firefox, Internet Explorer & Edge.

Creating an Account#

You can create an account on Beavr using your Google accont or email ID.


Starting a New Project#

To start a new project, login to your account and click on the + New Project tile on the dashboard. This will open up a new project and redirect you to the Beavr Editor, where you can start building screens.

New Project

Opening an Existing Project#

You can access all your previously saved projects on the dashboard. Just click on the one you want to resume working on and continue building. You can also rename or delete a project.

Existing Project

Shared Projects#

Projects that have been shared with you will appear in the Shared Projects section. Click on a shared project to start collaborating.

Shared Project